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Date Errata for COSMIC2013 Climate Processing
June 28, 2018

There is a bug in reprocessed COSMIC2013 BUFR files: the impact parameter is missing geoid undulation. Correct impact parameter = existing impact parameter + geoid undulation (*) (*) The geoid undulation is available in BUFR file (Field 37) This bug does not affect any other real time, post-processed and reprocessed missions. Since COSMIC2013 BUFR files have been downloaded and stored in multiple locations outside CDAAC, in order to not create different files for the same mission, it is recommended that users apply the above correction (*) until COSMIC2013 is replaced by newly reprocessed mission (expected to be COSMIC2018) when special announcement is posted. Correction (*) should be applied for only COSMIC2013 and not for any other mission."

The CDAAC Team.

July 19, 2016

As part of generating a gridded climate data product, Ben Ho (UCAR/COSMIC program) has found a list of occultations which compare poorly to ECMWF reanalysis. These profiles may have problems due to bad L2 tracking or owing to localized ionospheric irregularities that were not detected in the normal CDAAC quality checking against climatology. Please make a note of these problematic occultations when using these data in climate studies.

Ben Ho and the CDAAC team