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Name Template: PUB/MISSION/level1a/podGps/podGps_YYYY.DDD.LLL.NN.TT_bnx

DDDDay of year
IIIIMission ID (CHAM, SACC, CO01-06, GPSM, etc)
LLLLEO number (1-6 for COSMIC)
MISSIONMission ID (eight characters or less--champ, champrt, sacc, sacctst, etc)
NNDump number since midnight
PUBBase directory for the pub hierarchy
TTThe number of the LEO antenna which received these data (1-N)

Low rate LEO data in BINEX 0x7f format for LEO orbit computation (10 sec for CHAMP; 1 sec for COSMIC). This file contains data for all GPS satellites for all times that data are available. See for details of this format.