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Name Template: PUB/MISSION/level2/ivmLv2/YYYY.DDD/ivmLv2_IIII.YYYY.DDD.NN_SSSS.VVVV_nc

DDDDay of year
IIIIMission ID (CHAM, SACC, C001-06, GPSM, etc)
MISSIONMission ID (eight characters or less--champ, champrt, sacc, sacctst, etc)
NNDump number since midnight
PUBBase directory for the pub hierarchy
SSSSSubtype (an ID which tells the command options used in generating this file)
VVVVVersion (an ID which tells the version of all codes using in generating thie file)

Plasma drifts and ion density, composition, and temperature from the ion velocity meter. Locations of the observations are provided in both geographic and geomagnetic coordinates. Each file contains observations from a single dump.