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Name Template: PUB/MISSION/level1b/comClk/YYYY.DDD/comClk_YYYY.DDD.HH.MM.UUUU_SSSS.VVVV_clk

DDDDay of year
MISSIONMission ID (eight characters or less--champ, champrt, sacc, sacctst, etc)
PUBBase directory for the pub hierarchy
SSSSSubtype (an ID which tells the command options used in generating this file)
UUUUDuration of file in minutes
VVVVVersion (an ID which tells the version of all codes using in generating thie file)

This file contains clock offset values for each GPS satellite during the period specified in the file name. The clock values are kept at the same rate as the high rate fiducial data, planned to be one second.

These data are in Bernese CLK ASCII format.