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Name Template: output

The output directory is used to hold output from all programs used to process data for the mission under which the directory occurs. For example, the output of:

/ops/tools/bin/ gpsMet_1997.002_03.54_trb
will be logged to:
(note the double underscore separating the command from the first argument. If there is more than one argument, subsequent arguments will also be separated by double underscores).

In the case of scheduled programs (programs called by the scheduler), both standard output and standard error will be passed back to the master scheduler. This output will be scanned for lines of this form:

FILE CREATION: [simple_name_of_file_created]
which must be present for all files the scheduler cares about. These lines will be added to the shared sheduling queue. The entire output (stdin and stdout) will then be written to a file named as above in /pub/[mission]/output.