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Name Template: PUB/MISSION/level1a/f30Gps/YYYY.DDD/f30Gps_FFFF.YYYY.DDD.HH.MM.UUUU_bnx

DDDDay of year
FFFFFiducial site ID
MISSIONMission ID (eight characters or less--champ, champrt, sacc, sacctst, etc)
PUBBase directory for the pub hierarchy
UUUUDuration of file in minutes

Low rate fiducial data in BINEX 7f format. These files are derived from the one second fiducial data (fidGps) files by a process of smoothing the one second data and then interpolating them instead of simple decimation which leads to noisier data. Each time a fifteen minute batch of fidGps data are received, low rate data are extrated from it and written to the f30Gps file.

GPS/MET data are stored in the so-called 30/1 second format with one second data and 30 second data stored separately. In this case, the one second data go directly to the fidGps file and the 30 second data go to this file.